Why Did the Bulletin Board Notice Feel Nervous Worksheet Answer

Why Did the Bulletin Board Notice Feel Nervous Worksheet Answer


Bulletin board notices are an important means of communication within a community or organization. They serve as a platform for sharing information, announcements, and updates. However, in some cases, bulletin board notices can feel nervous or anxious. In this article, we will explore the reasons why a bulletin board notice may feel nervous and provide an answer to a worksheet question related to this topic.

Reasons for Nervousness:

1. Fear of judgment: When a person posts a notice on a bulletin board, they may worry about how others will perceive their message. The fear of being judged for the content, writing style, or formatting can lead to nervousness. This fear stems from a desire for the notice to be well-received and understood by the intended audience.

2. Lack of control: Once a notice is posted on a bulletin board, the person who posted it may feel a loss of control over the message’s fate. They cannot ensure that everyone will read it or interpret it correctly. This uncertainty can cause nervousness, especially if the notice contains crucial information or is of personal significance.

3. Ineffective communication: If the notice fails to convey its intended message clearly, the person responsible for it may feel anxious about potential misunderstandings. Ambiguous language, inadequate formatting, or a lack of attention-grabbing elements can contribute to ineffective communication and subsequent nervousness.

4. High stakes: Certain bulletin board notices, such as job postings, event invitations, or announcements with legal implications, may carry significant consequences. The person responsible for posting such notices may feel nervous due to the weight of the information and the potential impact it may have on individuals or the organization.

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5. Limited visibility: In some cases, bulletin board notices may not receive the desired visibility. If a notice is overshadowed by others or located in an area with low foot traffic, the person responsible may feel nervous about its effectiveness. They may worry that the intended audience will not notice or engage with the notice, rendering their efforts futile.

Worksheet Answer:

Q: Why did the bulletin board notice feel nervous?

A: The bulletin board notice may have felt nervous due to various reasons. Firstly, the person responsible for the notice may have feared judgment from others, worrying about how the notice would be perceived. Secondly, the lack of control over the message’s fate once it is posted can contribute to nervousness. The person may feel uncertain about how many people will read it or if they will interpret it correctly. Thirdly, ineffective communication, such as unclear language or formatting, can lead to nervousness as the notice may not convey its intended message effectively. Additionally, certain bulletin board notices may carry high stakes, such as job postings or legal announcements, causing anxiety for the person responsible. Lastly, limited visibility of the notice can also contribute to nervousness, as it may not receive the desired attention from the intended audience.


1. How can one overcome nervousness when posting a bulletin board notice?
– Practice effective communication by using clear language and formatting.
– Seek feedback from others to ensure the notice is well-written and understandable.
– Utilize eye-catching elements, such as bold headings or graphics, to enhance visibility.
– Remind yourself that you have done your best, and the outcome is beyond your control.

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2. Is it common to feel nervous when posting a bulletin board notice?
– Yes, it is common to feel nervous when posting a bulletin board notice, especially if the notice carries high stakes or personal significance. Many individuals worry about judgment, effective communication, and the visibility of their notice.

3. How can one ensure the notice receives adequate visibility?
– Choose a strategic location for posting the notice, such as high-traffic areas.
– Coordinate with relevant individuals or departments to promote the notice through additional channels, such as email or social media.
– Consider creating eye-catching designs or incorporating multimedia elements to attract attention.


Bulletin board notices can elicit nervousness in the person responsible for posting them due to various reasons, including fear of judgment, lack of control, ineffective communication, high stakes, and limited visibility. Overcoming nervousness requires effective communication practices, seeking feedback, and utilizing attention-grabbing elements. Remember that feeling nervous is normal, and taking proactive steps can help enhance the notice’s effectiveness.

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