What Is the Solution to 89+K=-42

What Is the Solution to 89+K=-42?

When faced with an equation like 89+K=-42, the goal is to find the value of K that satisfies the equation. In other words, we need to find the number that, when added to 89, results in -42. In this article, we will explore the steps involved in solving this equation and discuss the solution in detail. Additionally, we will address some frequently asked questions regarding equations of this nature.

Solving the Equation:

Step 1: Isolate the variable (K) on one side of the equation. To do this, we need to eliminate the constant term (89) from the left side of the equation. We can achieve this by subtracting 89 from both sides of the equation:

89 + K – 89 = -42 – 89

Simplifying the equation, we have:

K = -42 – 89

Step 2: Evaluate the expression on the right side of the equation:

K = -131


Therefore, the solution to the equation 89+K=-42 is K = -131.


Q: Is there a simpler way to solve this equation?

A: No, the method described above is the standard procedure for solving equations of this nature. It ensures that both sides of the equation remain balanced while isolating the variable on one side.

Q: Can I use a calculator to solve this equation?

A: While a calculator can help with the arithmetic calculations, it cannot replace the steps involved in solving the equation algebraically. Understanding the process is crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Q: What if I made an error during the calculation?

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A: It is essential to double-check your work to avoid mistakes. If you suspect an error, carefully go through each step of the solution to identify where the mistake occurred. Remember, even the smallest error can lead to an incorrect solution.

Q: Can the equation have multiple solutions?

A: Equations can have one, no, or infinitely many solutions. In this particular case, the equation 89+K=-42 has a single solution, which is K = -131. However, not all equations will have a solution, depending on the values involved.

Q: How can I check if the solution is correct?

A: To verify the solution, substitute the value of K back into the original equation. In this case, substitute K = -131 and evaluate:

89 + (-131) = -42

-42 = -42

Since both sides of the equation are equal, the solution is correct.

Q: Are there any real-life applications of equations like 89+K=-42?

A: Though this equation might seem simple, it represents a fundamental concept in algebra. Solving equations is essential in various fields, including physics, engineering, economics, and computer science, where unknown variables need to be determined to solve real-world problems.

In conclusion, solving an equation like 89+K=-42 involves isolating the variable (K) on one side of the equation. By following the steps outlined above, we find that K = -131 is the solution to this equation. It is important to understand the process behind solving equations to build a strong foundation in algebra.

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