What Is the Correct Order to Watch the Jesse Stone Movies?

What Is the Correct Order to Watch the Jesse Stone Movies?

If you are a fan of crime dramas, then you have likely heard of the Jesse Stone movies. Based on the novels by Robert B. Parker, these films follow the life of a troubled small-town police chief named Jesse Stone. With a captivating storyline and stellar performances, the Jesse Stone movies have garnered a dedicated fanbase over the years. However, with multiple movies in the series, it can be confusing to determine the correct order to watch them. In this article, we will discuss the correct order to watch the Jesse Stone movies and answer some frequently asked questions about the series.

Correct Order to Watch the Jesse Stone Movies:

1. Stone Cold (2005): This is the first film in the Jesse Stone series and serves as an introduction to the character. It establishes the setting of Paradise, Massachusetts, and Jesse Stone’s troubled past as an ex-L.A. homicide detective. The film follows Stone as he takes on his new role as the police chief of Paradise and investigates a series of murders.

2. Night Passage (2006): This movie is a prequel to Stone Cold and delves into Jesse Stone’s past. It explores the events that led him to leave the LAPD and move to Paradise. Night Passage also introduces important characters like Captain Healy and Rose Gammon, who play significant roles in later films.

3. Death in Paradise (2006): Following the events of Stone Cold, Jesse Stone investigates the murder of a teenage girl while dealing with his personal demons. This film delves deeper into Stone’s struggles with alcoholism and his complicated relationship with his ex-wife.

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4. Sea Change (2007): In this installment, Jesse Stone is faced with a series of crimes involving a young woman who claims to be his illegitimate daughter. Sea Change explores the emotional journey of Jesse Stone as he navigates his personal life and solves the case.

5. Thin Ice (2009): This movie finds Jesse Stone dealing with a string of murders that seem to be connected to a bank robbery. As Stone uncovers the truth, he faces a dilemma that puts his career and personal life at stake.

6. No Remorse (2010): Jesse Stone investigates the death of a young woman while dealing with a series of personal challenges. This film delves into the emotional toll that the job takes on Stone and explores his complex relationships with the people of Paradise.

7. Innocents Lost (2011): In this movie, Jesse Stone takes on a case involving the death of a teenage girl, leading him to uncover a disturbing secret in Paradise. Innocents Lost explores themes of corruption and the dark underbelly of the town.

8. Benefit of the Doubt (2012): The final film in the series, Benefit of the Doubt sees Jesse Stone investigating the murder of a young woman while facing intense scrutiny from the town and higher authorities. This movie serves as a fitting conclusion to the Jesse Stone saga.


Q: Are the Jesse Stone movies based on books?

A: Yes, the Jesse Stone movies are based on the novels by Robert B. Parker. The character of Jesse Stone was created by Parker and has been brought to life on screen by actor Tom Selleck.

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Q: Can I watch the Jesse Stone movies out of order?

A: While each movie can be enjoyed as a standalone story, watching them in the correct order allows for a better understanding of the character development and overall storyline. It is recommended to watch them in the order mentioned above.

Q: Are there any plans for more Jesse Stone movies?

A: As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding future Jesse Stone movies. However, given the popularity of the series, it is possible that more films may be made in the future.

In conclusion, the correct order to watch the Jesse Stone movies is as follows: Stone Cold, Night Passage, Death in Paradise, Sea Change, Thin Ice, No Remorse, Innocents Lost, and Benefit of the Doubt. Watching these movies in order will allow you to fully appreciate the character development and storyline of Jesse Stone. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the thrilling world of Jesse Stone.

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