What Is the Answer to Question 39 on the Impossible Quiz

What Is the Answer to Question 39 on the Impossible Quiz?

The Impossible Quiz is an online puzzle game that has gained immense popularity over the years. With its unique and often mind-boggling questions, players are challenged to think outside the box and find the correct answers. Question 39, in particular, has stumped many players, leading them to search for the elusive answer. In this article, we will delve into the mystery surrounding Question 39 and attempt to provide a clear answer.

Question 39 in the Impossible Quiz presents players with a statement: “THE ANSWER IS REALLY BIG.” Below the statement, there are four options to choose from: “An Elephant,” “A Mouse,” “The Answer,” and “Really Big.” At first glance, one might be inclined to choose “Really Big” as the answer, as it corresponds directly to the statement. However, the correct answer is actually “The Answer” itself.

This question is a classic example of wordplay and misdirection. The phrase “THE ANSWER IS REALLY BIG” is intentionally misleading, causing players to look for an answer related to size. However, the true answer lies within the statement itself. By choosing “The Answer,” players are selecting the correct response that aligns with the given information.

The Impossible Quiz is notorious for its ability to trick players and challenge their logical thinking. It often requires thinking outside of the box and considering alternative interpretations. Question 39 is no exception, as it cleverly plays with words to mislead players and test their problem-solving skills.


Q: Why is the correct answer “The Answer” and not “Really Big”?
A: The correct answer is “The Answer” because the question itself states that the answer is “really big,” thus leading players to believe that “Really Big” is the correct response. However, the question is designed to mislead players, and the true answer is actually “The Answer.” This question demonstrates the game’s clever use of wordplay and misdirection.

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Q: Are there any hints or clues to help solve this question?
A: Unfortunately, the Impossible Quiz does not provide any direct hints or clues for individual questions. The game is designed to challenge players and test their problem-solving abilities. Players must rely on their own logic and creativity to find the correct answers.

Q: Is there any significance to the other options given in the question?
A: The other options, such as “An Elephant” and “A Mouse,” are intentionally included to further confuse players. These options seem plausible due to their association with size, but they do not align with the given statement. The correct answer, “The Answer,” is the only option that directly connects to the statement.

Q: How can I improve my chances of answering questions correctly in the Impossible Quiz?
A: The Impossible Quiz requires a combination of logic, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box. To improve your chances of answering questions correctly, try to read each question carefully and consider alternative interpretations. Sometimes, the answer may not be as straightforward as it appears. Additionally, paying attention to details and thinking critically can greatly enhance your performance in the game.

In conclusion, Question 39 on the Impossible Quiz challenges players to think beyond the obvious and find the correct answer. While the statement “THE ANSWER IS REALLY BIG” may initially lead players to choose “Really Big” as the response, the true answer is “The Answer” itself. This question showcases the game’s clever use of wordplay and misdirection, further enhancing the overall experience for players. Remember to approach each question with an open mind and be prepared for the unexpected.

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