What Is One Rule a Writer Should Keep In Mind While Doing Research for an Informative Essay

What Is One Rule a Writer Should Keep In Mind While Doing Research for an Informative Essay

Research is an integral part of the writing process, especially when it comes to crafting an informative essay. It allows writers to gather relevant facts, data, and evidence to support their arguments and provide readers with accurate and detailed information. However, there is one crucial rule that every writer should keep in mind while conducting research for an informative essay – the rule of credibility.

The rule of credibility states that writers should always ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of the sources they use for their research. This rule is essential because it ensures that the information presented in the essay is accurate, valid, and unbiased. By following this rule, writers can maintain their integrity and provide readers with credible and reliable information.

To adhere to the rule of credibility, writers should consider the following guidelines when conducting research for an informative essay:

1. Evaluate the source: Before using any source, writers should critically evaluate its credibility. They should check the author’s credentials, the publication or website’s reputation, and the accuracy and currency of the information provided. Peer-reviewed journals, reputable websites, and authoritative books are often reliable sources.

2. Cross-reference information: It is crucial to cross-reference information from multiple sources. By doing so, writers can compare and verify the information, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. If multiple reputable sources provide consistent information, it strengthens the credibility of the research.

3. Avoid biased sources: Writers should be cautious when using sources that display bias or promote a particular agenda. While it is acceptable to include different perspectives in an informative essay, it is essential to ensure that the sources used are not excessively one-sided or unreliable.

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4. Use primary sources when available: Primary sources provide firsthand information and are highly valuable in establishing credibility. These sources can include original research studies, interviews, surveys, or official documents. By including primary sources, writers can add depth and authenticity to their essays.

5. Stay updated: It is crucial for writers to use the most recent and up-to-date information available. This ensures that the essay reflects the latest research and discoveries in the field, making it more relevant and credible. Outdated information may lead to inaccuracies and diminish the overall reliability of the essay.

By following the rule of credibility, writers can ensure that their research is reliable, accurate, and trustworthy. This not only enhances the quality of the essay but also establishes the writer as a credible source of information.


Q: Can I use Wikipedia as a source for my research?

A: While Wikipedia can provide a general overview of a topic, it is generally not considered a reliable source for academic research. This is because anyone can edit Wikipedia articles, leading to potential inaccuracies and biased information. However, you can use Wikipedia as a starting point and follow the citations provided to access more credible sources.

Q: Are online sources less reliable than print sources?

A: Not necessarily. While print sources, such as books and journals, have traditionally been considered more reliable, many reputable online sources exist today. The key is to evaluate the credibility of the source, regardless of whether it is online or in print. Consider factors such as author credentials, publication reputation, and the presence of citations or references.

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Q: Is it acceptable to include personal opinions in an informative essay?

A: No, an informative essay should remain objective and present factual information. Personal opinions, biases, or subjective statements should be avoided. Instead, focus on presenting evidence-based information and allow readers to form their own opinions based on the facts provided.

Q: How many sources should I include in my research?

A: The number of sources required depends on the complexity of the essay and the depth of research required. However, it is generally recommended to include a variety of reliable sources to support your arguments. Aim for a balanced mix of primary and secondary sources to ensure a comprehensive and well-supported essay.

In conclusion, the rule of credibility is a fundamental guideline that writers should always remember while conducting research for an informative essay. By evaluating and using reliable sources, writers can ensure the accuracy, validity, and trustworthiness of the information presented. Adhering to this rule allows writers to provide readers with a high-quality and credible essay that is informative and enlightening.

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