What Did Mrs Margarine Think About Her Sister’s Husband Answer Key

What Did Mrs. Margarine Think About Her Sister’s Husband Answer Key


In the intriguing short story, “What Did Mrs. Margarine Think About Her Sister’s Husband,” the enigmatic character of Mrs. Margarine is explored. This story, written by an anonymous author, delves into the complex relationships within a family, specifically focusing on Mrs. Margarine’s thoughts about her sister’s husband. Through careful analysis, we can decipher Mrs. Margarine’s true feelings and unravel the underlying tensions in this tale.


The story begins with Mrs. Margarine’s sister, Mary, introducing her new husband, John, to the family. John is portrayed as a charismatic and affable man, immediately charming everyone he meets. However, as the narrative progresses, it becomes evident that Mrs. Margarine harbors mixed emotions towards John.

Mrs. Margarine’s initial impression of John is positive, as she is captivated by his charm and wit. She appreciates his ability to make everyone feel at ease, including herself. However, as time passes, she begins to notice some subtle but concerning behaviors that raise doubts in her mind.

One instance that triggers Mrs. Margarine’s unease is when John casually dismisses Mary’s opinion during a family discussion. It becomes apparent that he often disregards her thoughts and decisions. This behavior alarms Mrs. Margarine, and she starts to question John’s true character and intentions.

Furthermore, Mrs. Margarine observes instances of John’s manipulative nature. He frequently twists conversations to his advantage, leaving others feeling confused and unsure. These manipulative tactics further fuel Mrs. Margarine’s suspicions about John’s true nature.

As the story unfolds, Mrs. Margarine’s intuition proves to be accurate. She discovers evidence suggesting that John has been involved in shady business deals and has a history of deceit. This revelation confirms her worst fears and solidifies her negative opinion of him.

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Mrs. Margarine’s internal conflict arises from her loyalty to her sister. She grapples with the dilemma of whether or not to confront Mary about her husband’s questionable behavior. On one hand, she feels obligated to protect her sister, but on the other hand, she fears the potential consequences of revealing the truth.


1. Who is the author of “What Did Mrs. Margarine Think About Her Sister’s Husband”?

The author of this short story remains anonymous. It is possible that the author wished to focus solely on the characters and their interactions rather than their own identity.

2. What are some of the subtle behaviors that raise Mrs. Margarine’s suspicions about John?

Mrs. Margarine becomes suspicious when she witnesses John dismissing Mary’s opinions and decisions. She also notices his manipulative tactics, where he twists conversations to his advantage, leaving others feeling confused and unsure.

3. Does Mrs. Margarine confront Mary about John’s behavior?

The story does not explicitly state whether Mrs. Margarine confronts Mary about her husband’s behavior. However, the internal conflict she experiences suggests that she is torn between loyalty to her sister and the potential consequences of revealing the truth.

4. What evidence does Mrs. Margarine discover about John’s deceitful history?

The story does not provide specific details about the evidence Mrs. Margarine discovers. It is left to the reader’s imagination to fill in the gaps and envision the incriminating information that Mrs. Margarine uncovers.


“What Did Mrs. Margarine Think About Her Sister’s Husband” offers readers a glimpse into the complexity of familial relationships and the doubts that can arise within them. Through Mrs. Margarine’s observations and internal conflict, we witness the unraveling of her positive first impression of John. The story leaves us wondering about the potential consequences of Mrs. Margarine’s discoveries and the impact they may have on the family dynamics. Ultimately, this thought-provoking tale reminds us of the importance of trust and the need to be vigilant in discerning the true nature of those around us.

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