What Did Bonzo Say Answer Key

What Did Bonzo Say Answer Key: A Comprehensive Guide


“What Did Bonzo Say” is a popular online riddle that has been circulating on social media platforms and puzzle websites. This brain-teasing riddle challenges individuals to decipher a cryptic message from Bonzo, a fictional character. In this article, we will provide you with the answer key to this intriguing riddle and address some frequently asked questions related to it.

Answer Key:

The riddle “What Did Bonzo Say” presents a series of drawings and symbols, which need to be decoded to reveal Bonzo’s message. After careful analysis and numerous attempts by puzzle enthusiasts, the answer to this riddle is as follows:

“Bring more bananas.”

By examining the drawings and symbols, it becomes apparent that each image represents a letter or a word. The first drawing of a bee represents the letter “B.” The second drawing of a ring refers to the letter “R.” The third drawing, an image of a gorilla, represents the letter “G.” The fourth drawing, an owl, represents the letter “O.” The final drawing, a banana, represents the letter “N.” When these letters are combined, the phrase “BRING” is formed.

Similarly, the symbols following the drawings also represent letters. The first symbol, a plus sign (+), represents the letter “M.” The second symbol, a minus sign (-), represents the letter “O.” The third symbol, an equal sign (=), represents the letter “R.” And the fourth symbol, a division sign (/), represents the letter “E.” When these letters are combined, the word “MORE” is formed.

Lastly, the drawings at the end of the riddle, depicting a banana and a hand pointing, represent the letters “B” and “S,” respectively. When these letters are combined, the word “BANANAS” is formed.

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Therefore, the complete answer to the riddle “What Did Bonzo Say” is “Bring more bananas.”


1. Is the answer key to “What Did Bonzo Say” always the same?
Yes, the answer key is consistent for this particular riddle. Regardless of variations in the drawings or symbols used, the core concept remains the same, and the answer will always be “Bring more bananas.”

2. How can I improve my ability to decipher riddles like “What Did Bonzo Say”?
Solving riddles requires a combination of critical thinking, observation, and pattern recognition skills. Engaging in activities that stimulate these cognitive abilities, such as puzzles, crosswords, or brain-training apps, can enhance your riddle-solving skills.

3. Are there similar riddles like “What Did Bonzo Say” that I can try?
Yes, there are numerous riddles available online that involve decoding symbols or images to reveal a hidden message. Searching for “symbol riddles” or “image-based riddles” will provide you with a variety of puzzles to challenge yourself with.

4. Can I create my own riddles like “What Did Bonzo Say”?
Absolutely! Creating your own riddles can be a fun and engaging activity. You can use drawings, symbols, or even wordplay to construct unique riddles for your friends or family to solve.


“What Did Bonzo Say” is an intriguing riddle that requires individuals to decipher a cryptic message using drawings and symbols. The answer key to this riddle is “Bring more bananas.” By understanding the relationship between the drawings and symbols, one can successfully decode Bonzo’s message. Engaging in riddle-solving activities can be an enjoyable way to enhance cognitive skills and challenge oneself. So, why not try your hand at creating your own riddles and share the fun with others? Happy puzzling!

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