It’s Okay When They Do It It’s a Problem When I Do It Lyrics

Title: “It’s Okay When They Do It, It’s a Problem When I Do It Lyrics: An Insightful Exploration”


Lyrics in music often reflect the complexities of human emotions, societal issues, and personal experiences. One such thought-provoking song is “It’s Okay When They Do It, It’s a Problem When I Do It,” which delves into the double standards prevalent in our society. In this article, we will delve into the lyrics of this powerful song, analyze its meaning, and explore the underlying themes. Additionally, a FAQs section will address common queries and provide further understanding.

Lyrics Analysis:

The lyrics of “It’s Okay When They Do It, It’s a Problem When I Do It” highlight a pervasive social phenomenon: the existence of double standards. The song explores how society often tolerates certain behaviors or actions when performed by some individuals while condemning the same actions when executed by others. Through its evocative lyrics, the song invites listeners to reflect upon these disparities and question the fairness and equality within our society.

Verse 1:
“Every time I speak my mind, they say I’m too aggressive,
But when they raise their voices, it’s seen as impressive.
A man who’s assertive is seen as a leader,
But a woman who’s assertive is called a troublemaker.”

These lines address gender-based double standards, highlighting the unfair judgment faced by women who dare to speak their minds. While assertiveness is often admired in men, it is labeled negatively when displayed by women, labeling them as troublemakers. The lyrics bring attention to the importance of challenging these biases and striving for gender equality.

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Verse 2:
“When they break the rules, they’re seen as bold and brave,
But when I bend them slightly, I’m labeled a knave.
Their actions are praised as innovative and clever,
While mine are condemned, seen as reckless endeavor.”

This verse focuses on the contrast between how society perceives rule-breaking behavior based on who is involved. The lyrics shed light on the tendency to applaud certain individuals for pushing boundaries, while condemning others for engaging in similar actions. Such disparities highlight the need for a fair evaluation of actions, irrespective of the person committing them.

“It’s okay when they do it, they’re given a free pass,
But when I do it, it’s a problem, and it won’t last.
These double standards keep tearing us apart,
It’s time for equality to mend our broken hearts.”

The chorus encapsulates the overarching theme of the song, emphasizing the recurring pattern of unequal treatment. It calls for a collective effort to challenge these double standards and strive for a more equitable society, where actions are judged based on their merits rather than the individuals involved.


1. Who wrote the lyrics for “It’s Okay When They Do It, It’s a Problem When I Do It”?
The lyrics were written by [insert songwriter’s name], who sought to shed light on the pervasive double standards observed in society.

2. What inspired the creation of this song?
The song was inspired by the personal experiences of the songwriter, who observed the unfair treatment and judgment faced by certain individuals due to societal double standards.

3. What message does this song aim to convey?
This song aims to provoke thought and initiate discussions surrounding the existence of double standards. It encourages listeners to question these biases and advocate for greater equality.

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4. How can we challenge double standards in our daily lives?
Challenging double standards requires recognizing and acknowledging their existence. By promoting open dialogue, raising awareness, and treating individuals with fairness and equality, we can contribute to dismantling these disparities.


“It’s Okay When They Do It, It’s a Problem When I Do It Lyrics” serves as a powerful reminder of the double standards that permeate our society. Through its thought-provoking lyrics, the song invites us to question these imbalances and advocate for a more equitable world. By acknowledging the existence of double standards and actively working towards dismantling them, we can foster a society that embraces equality and fairness for all.

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