How Many Grams of h2so4 Would Be Needed to Make a 2.00m Solution With a Volume of 0.750l?

How Many Grams of H2SO4 Would Be Needed to Make a 2.00M Solution With a Volume of 0.750L?

Sulfuric acid, also known as H2SO4, is a strong and highly corrosive acid commonly used in various industrial processes. To prepare a solution of a specific concentration, it is important to know the amount of substance required. In this article, we will discuss how many grams of H2SO4 would be needed to make a 2.00M solution with a volume of 0.750L.

To determine the number of grams required, we need to follow a simple calculation using the formula:

Molarity (M) = moles of solute / volume of solution (L)

To find the moles of solute needed, we can rearrange the formula:

moles of solute = Molarity (M) x volume of solution (L)

Let’s calculate the moles of H2SO4 required:

moles of H2SO4 = 2.00M x 0.750L
moles of H2SO4 = 1.50 moles

The molar mass of H2SO4 can be calculated by adding the atomic masses of its constituent elements:

H2SO4 = (2 x H) + S + (4 x O)
H2SO4 = (2 x 1.01 g/mol) + 32.07 g/mol + (4 x 16.00 g/mol)
H2SO4 = 98.09 g/mol

Now, let’s calculate the grams of H2SO4 required:

grams of H2SO4 = moles of H2SO4 x molar mass of H2SO4
grams of H2SO4 = 1.50 moles x 98.09 g/mol
grams of H2SO4 = 147.14 grams

Therefore, to make a 2.00M solution of H2SO4 with a volume of 0.750L, you would need 147.14 grams of H2SO4.


Q: Can I use any other units for volume and molarity?
A: Yes, you can use different units as long as they are consistent. For example, you can use milliliters (mL) instead of liters (L), or moles per liter (mol/L) instead of Molarity (M).

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Q: Can I use this calculation for other solutes as well?
A: Yes, this calculation can be applied to any solute as long as you know its molar mass and the desired concentration.

Q: What if I don’t have the molar mass of the solute?
A: The molar mass can be found by summing up the atomic masses of the elements in the chemical formula. You can use a periodic table to determine the atomic masses.

Q: Can I prepare a solution with a higher or lower concentration?
A: Yes, you can adjust the concentration by changing the molarity or the volume of the solution. The formula provided will help you calculate the amount of solute required for any desired concentration.

Q: Is sulfuric acid dangerous to handle?
A: Yes, sulfuric acid is highly corrosive and can cause severe burns and other health hazards. It is important to handle it with extreme caution and use appropriate safety equipment.

In conclusion, to prepare a 2.00M solution of H2SO4 with a volume of 0.750L, you would need 147.14 grams of H2SO4. Always ensure proper safety measures and handle corrosive substances with care.

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