According to the AP Stylebook Which of the Following State Abbreviations Is Correct

According to the AP Stylebook, which of the following state abbreviations is correct?

The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook is a comprehensive guide used by journalists and other professionals in the media industry to ensure consistent writing and editing practices. It provides guidelines on various aspects of writing, including grammar, punctuation, and the correct usage of state abbreviations.

When it comes to state abbreviations, the AP Stylebook has a specific set of rules that should be followed. The following are the correct state abbreviations according to the AP Stylebook:

1. Alabama – AL
2. Alaska – AK
3. Arizona – AZ
4. Arkansas – AR
5. California – CA
6. Colorado – CO
7. Connecticut – CT
8. Delaware – DE
9. Florida – FL
10. Georgia – GA
11. Hawaii – HI
12. Idaho – ID
13. Illinois – IL
14. Indiana – IN
15. Iowa – IA
16. Kansas – KS
17. Kentucky – KY
18. Louisiana – LA
19. Maine – ME
20. Maryland – MD
21. Massachusetts – MA
22. Michigan – MI
23. Minnesota – MN
24. Mississippi – MS
25. Missouri – MO
26. Montana – MT
27. Nebraska – NE
28. Nevada – NV
29. New Hampshire – NH
30. New Jersey – NJ
31. New Mexico – NM
32. New York – NY
33. North Carolina – NC
34. North Dakota – ND
35. Ohio – OH
36. Oklahoma – OK
37. Oregon – OR
38. Pennsylvania – PA
39. Rhode Island – RI
40. South Carolina – SC
41. South Dakota – SD
42. Tennessee – TN
43. Texas – TX
44. Utah – UT
45. Vermont – VT
46. Virginia – VA
47. Washington – WA
48. West Virginia – WV
49. Wisconsin – WI
50. Wyoming – WY

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Q: Are there any exceptions to these state abbreviations?
A: Yes, there are a few exceptions. For example, the AP Stylebook advises using “DC” for the District of Columbia instead of “Wash.” Additionally, “HI” is used for Hawaii instead of “Ha.” Also, “IL” is used for Illinois instead of “Ill.”

Q: Should state abbreviations always be capitalized?
A: Yes, according to AP Stylebook guidelines, state abbreviations should always be capitalized, regardless of their placement within a sentence.

Q: What if a state abbreviation is part of a longer word?
A: If a state abbreviation is part of a longer word, it should still be capitalized. For example, “Calif.” is used for California, even when it appears within a longer word like “Californian.”

Q: Can I use the traditional two-letter postal abbreviations for states?
A: No, the AP Stylebook advises against using the traditional two-letter postal abbreviations (e.g., CA for California) in journalistic writing. The stylebook recommends the use of the standard state abbreviations mentioned above.

Q: Are there any differences between AP Stylebook state abbreviations and those used by other style guides?
A: Yes, there might be slight variations between different style guides. However, the AP Stylebook is widely used in the media industry and serves as a standard reference for journalists. It is essential to follow the guidelines provided by the specific style guide you are using.

In conclusion, the AP Stylebook provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for state abbreviations. By following these guidelines, writers and journalists can ensure consistency and accuracy in their work. Remember to always capitalize state abbreviations and use the specific abbreviations suggested by the AP Stylebook.

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